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How do you get into and stay in foreign countries? VISA on arrival, e-VISA, or an embassy visit? We'll help you get the info you need to arrive at your destination.
So I've posted this in a couple of different forums but I think hopefully someone here can help me.
I've found a lot of information about applying for the visa and all the difficulties that come along with it but I have found next to nothing about peoples actual experiences spending a year in Germany.
The main thing I'm interested in knowing is what did you do for work? What was it like getting a job in Germany?
This is one of the things that worries me about taking the leap of faith to go to Germany for a year, the fact that I could go all the way over there to just end up being unemployed and just have to leave again ahah.
Pessimistic thinking, I know, but I think it's better to go over there being pessimistic rather than expecting sunshine and rainbows.
Aside from that, what was your experience like spending the year there as a whole? Would you do it again if you could? And what would you do differently next time or wish you had known before you were there?
Any replies are welcome, thank you :)


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