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By kirill.sajaev
Hey all - reaching out to all nomads and start up founders, for the last couple months I've been living and working in Taipei helping set up the first coliving space here. We've been working to put Taiwan on the map as a nomad destination, but it is often overlooked by travelers for its SEAsian neighbors.

The island is beautiful and modern, with some unique opportunities for start ups, especially in the hi tech maker space due to close proximity to China, and history of local manufacturing ( I think there's about 3 maker labs just in Taipei city ). There's also a big push by the government to fund local teams if you find a Taiwanese co-founder.

So just wanted to drop a link to our place, and if anyone is curious about Taipei or Taiwan don't hesitate to ask. We put some nomad resources on the site and I'm happy to answer any questions.

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