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By hans.bezemer
Black deposit payments to the landlord without any protection of your money. Escalation to Spotahome about missing deposit. Spotahome only deals with payment, your amount is immediately debited! Financial misappropriations of the landlord are extra for your account. GOOD LUCK! Spotahome is a very bad organization and only busy collecting your money. Nothing more and nothing less. BE AWARE.
Terms and Conditions Spotahome:
7. After the Owner has approved the reservation and SPOTAHOME has sent confirmation of the reservation to both the Resident and the Owner, including the contact information for both parties, it will be the Owner's responsibility to provide any further instructions to the Resident with regards to moving into the Accommodation.
Lease Agreement signed between the Resident and the Owner.
SPOTAHOME is not party to any Lease Agreement. This Agreement will be signed only by the Resident and the Owner and, accordingly, SPOTAHOME will be held harmless of all legal matters, nor will it be held liable in the event of any dispute, disagreement or claim. Any situation resulting from the aforementioned Lease Agreement shall be settled between the Resident and the Owner. Furthermore, SPOTAHOME will not be party to any negotiation regarding a bond or security deposit, required by the Owner and made by the Resident, under the Lease Agreement or in any other type of Agreement, nor will it act an intermediary for any dispute arising as a result of a bond or security deposit.
SPOTAHOME advices that both the Resident and the Owner thoroughly read the tenancy Agreement, or any other Agreement entered into, as it will be the instrument governing the relationship between both.

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