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Looking for the best hostels and housing options abroad? (First question, what's the wifi like and is it free). Start here and get the inside scoop from other Digital Nomads.
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By BaliGirl
Heading to Penang, Malaysia Nov 13th, 2018.

Any suggestions beside AirBnb to find a place to rent? May be there for a couple of months.
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By Robert O'Kruk
Once you're on the ground and there you can use local FB groups to help find a long term accommodation. Stay in a hostel for a few nights as you checkout the places in person. This will be the best way to get the lowest price. Airbnb will be convenient though because you can book it in advance.

Enjoy Penang! Amazing food culture there :)
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By Nor Angelos
Hi Bali Girl, not sure if this is too late but we have two houses near the beach side of Penang in which we provide accommodation with different room options.

Most of our bookings are through Airbnb but we have been getting digital nomads that extend directly through us for their longer stays.

Get in touch if you're still looking :)
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