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By digitalN0mad

Please never use this website. Especially in barcelona. I rented a place for a month while I was there. The internet was complete shit. Spotahome was completely unhelpful and didn't seem to care at all. The 3 bedroom apartment had been fitted into a 6 bedroom apartment. The place was basically falling apart, and the washing machine didn't work. The landlord would just lie to them no matter what. I tried working with the landlord but he was just a little weasel always saying whatever people wanted to hear to get more money. I wasn't the only person complaining either, 2 other room mates were also complaining how bad it was.

Then to top it all off at the end of the month he didn't return my deposit which was a full months rent of 450 euros. He claimed that I had my girlfriend living there and that it says in the contract I signed he will take my deposit if I do this. This was a complete lie in 3 ways. first my girlfriend had her own apartment with her own lease and her own bed. Second I read the lease (the dumbass didn't know I can speak spanish fluently) and it didn't say this at all. And third of all I wasn't even at the apartment for 2 weeks out of the month, I had gone on vacation to London and Norway for a week each.

Then I tried to contact SpotAHome and yet again they were no help, they just kept forwarding me what the landlord was saying, in which he claims I was the liar and the cheat. What a piece of shit service. Don't ever use spotahome. The second they get their money from you, they don't give a damn to help you.
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By digitalN0mad
Honestly I highly recommend using AirBnB if you can. It's just hands down the safest and yeah it can be pricey but sometimes it's worth the price for no stress.
DO NOT Book a house on Spotahome. The landlords here are very uncooperative and spotahome is only interested in taking hefty service fees and not providing any useful service.

Let me share the nightmare I've had to go through. I made a booking on Spotahome which had some lovely photos of three rooms, all priced very similar and the book I booked didn't have photos.

Upon requesting spotahome that I do not wish to book this apartment because of the lack of photos they reassured me with their cancellation/ complaint policy that ensured tenants will get a full refund if the apartment isn't as promised or possesses a health risk.

I went ahead with the booking by paying 800 Euros. I repeatedly requested Spotahome and the landlord to send me photos but I got nothing.

The day came when I had to move in and the apartment was terrible. No ventilation, broken door to enter the building and the landlords who are a real estate agency had an office one floor above. The landlord was also extremely rude and asked me to leave the apartment without providing me any help. She demanded two months rent as deposit, which is illegal in Spain. She also let me know that they can enter the apartment whenever they want, which is also illegal in Spain.

COMMERCIAL activities in a residential building is not permitted and Spotahome can not put tenants in such apartments without prior notice. I raised this concern with Spotahome repeatedly and they still haven't replied.

I emailed their helpline immediately and sent them medical documents proving that that apartment possessed health risks to me. Upon this Spotahome had the audacity to say that they have ruled my case in the landlords favour and that my medical documents "do not qualify to make your case a complaint".

Spotahome is a SCAM agency that helps shady landlords fool tenants. This listing has been on their website since three years. The landlords live one floor above and yet they don't have any photos of the room? Clear indication of the manipulation and misleading advertising tactics they use.
I agree - never use spotahome. My booking was cancelled less than 24hrs before check-in, and they were very useless when doing the relocation (it took more than three days) and they never offered me a hotel while I waited. Then I got promised 50EUR back on my fee but they only returned 20EUR, because the new place was more expensive.

Never use Spotahome again.
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By Ysaten
Do not recommend Spotahome to anyone.

I booked a room in apartment in Rome. When I arrived, it turned out that my room had been occupied since beginning of the year. And people were living there were not going to move out any time soon. There was another free room in the apartment, and I settled in this room. It was much smaller, than the one I booked, less space, shelves, smaller table, one bed instead of two and so on. I connected Spotahome in that same day, telling about my problem. For about a week we were writing emails to each other, but it didn't solve anything. And then they just stopped answering me. The last time I received anything from them was on the September 14, today is September 27th.
So, if you are going to book a flat through Spotahome, probably everything will go well, but if there would be any trouble with your apartment, you better not rely on their support. And not answering makes Spotahome look like a complete scam...
If you can not find it at home and it's your last resort: go ahead but with backwards. Spotahome takes advantage of the anxiety of international students looking for housing, without money and ready to borrow to study and travel. Exorbitant prices, aggressive client advisers and thieves.

Gonzalo harassed me by phone and email before threatening me and withdrawing € 110 of expenses on a € 1200 apartment in Madrid that I finally could not pay on the spot for lack of funds and illness that makes me I went back to France urgently, € 110 fee while I am a French state student with € 392 per month to live. This same apartment they themselves canceled by taking me a fee of 110 €.

No way to contact the customer service by phone if you have a problem or a cancellation, their rules are questionable, the owners and the platform are totally dishonest and take advantage of your desperation to put you even more in an uncomfortable situation that is look for housing abroad already.

I will not stop there and will contact consumer associations, lawyers to recover this money that was stolen from me without my authorization, without any service rendered except for threats from their employee by telephone. I will keep a very bad image of SPOTAHOME and I will do everything to recover what is due to me.
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