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I am looking for a digital nomad who perhaps doesn’t have too much online virtual work at the moment and would like an opportunity to spend time in the beautiful Wadi Rum desert, in Jordan, the Middle East. I am offering a kind of work exchange. Due to my health I need to take a step back from my business.

Ideally you will be available for at least 5 months and in the area so you can start a.s.a.p.

We are a modest Muslim family and the role requires you to spend time with my wife, so you should also be a female, or a couple travelling together.

We also ask because you will spend time with my family you respect our right to privacy and you do not use details about our private life on any blog you may be writing. We will invite you into our home but we also expect you to respect our privacy so no pictures online either etc. Blogging about the camp, your role there, and interactions with our guests (assuming the guests are happy with that) is okay.

We prefer mature candidates because the role requires a lot of responsibility, and is a social role which will require people skills, for this reason a mature, experienced candidate is preferable. You need to be comfortable meeting different people every day, chatting to them, helping them feel comfortable. If you are culturally sensitive, or an experienced traveller this is helpful. You will find Bedouin Culture very different to Western Culture, so if you have some experience adapting to a different environment this will help you.

You should be fluent in English, any other language skills are a bonus, if you have some Arabic it is helpful but not a requirement.

If you can also post to and manage my Facebook account it would be a bonus.

You need to be self motivated and able to use your own initiative.

If you are able to drive a 4x4 Jeep it is helpful. As long as you can drive a road car it is possible to learn desert driving while you are here.

If you have your own small western tent to use at the camp it is helpful because we don’t have a lot of Bedouin tents for our guests.

My wife does all the admin for the business taking all our bookings. You will liaise with her each day and she will give you all the details of the bookings. You then need to communicate with our team of Bedouin guides, and make sure each one is allocated to their tour for the day. Also make sure the cook knows how many guests we have, any special room arrangements, or dietary needs of the guests. We will provide you with a simple phone and local sim to use for phone calls to run the business.

You will meet the arriving tourists, welcome them, brief them about their tour and stay at the Camp. Then in the afternoon go to the camp with the cook. Here you can relax a bit and just check everything is in order. See there is water in the tanks, everything is clean etc. Just oversee everything is going smoothly. When tourists then arrive around sunset and sometimes earlier in the afternoon you can be there to greet them. Chat socialise with them, be there to answer questions (are there extra blankets, where are the bathrooms etc). In the evening you can enjoy dinner with the other guests, and the Bedouin music (when we play). If you fancy trying to learn the Tabla (Drum) you can get involved with that as much as you like.

In the morning you are there for breakfast and help get the guests moving, on their tours, back to the village etc. Return to the village. Take payment from the departing guests (you can give this to my wife, and she will also instruct you so you can pay the guides, shop, petrol, water etc). Then be ready to meet arriving guests.

We work hard sometimes for a couple of weeks with guests everyday, but sometimes we also have a week with no guests and you will have free time to explore the desert on foot, relax, etc.

You will have a unique opportunity to get to know modern Bedouin life, also great experience working in tourism with people, seeing how we run our tours, the Bedouin camp. We will happily give you references on your departure, Insha’Allah.

While at the camp you will have free meals with any other guests. You can also use the kitchen at the Camp. When you are with my family you can have free lunch/ meals with us. Your accommodation is free. When in Rum Village we also have free WiFi which you can use.

If you would like to have a fantastic fully immersive local experience, really get to know the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum, and gain valuable knowledge/ experience about the tourism industry then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

My website: http://www.wadirumjeeptours.com
E-mail: wadirum.mehedi@gmail.com

We look forward to from you! Please make sure you have references because we will trust you with a lot - this business took many years of hard work and care to build up and we want someone to also treat this business like their baby.
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