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Film Daily is a platform connecting audiences with indie filmmakers via news, views, and reviews.

We are a new media startup aiming to disrupt the film distribution and production industries. We work with amazing, storied clients and emerging technologies & agencies.

If you are looking for a challenge and are keen to get in on the ground floor of a new media startup, apply to join us now.

We are currently hiring for the following positions to begin ASAP. Please follow the link next to the given position to learn more and apply.

Community Management Trainee https://filmdaily.co/work-with-us/community-management-trainee/

Marketing Trainee https://filmdaily.co/work-with-us/marketing-trainee/

Product Advertising Operations Manager https://filmdaily.co/work-with-us/product-advertising-operations-manager/

Social Media Manager https://filmdaily.co/work-with-us/social-media-manager/

Content Writer https://filmdaily.co/work-with-us/junior-content-writer/


Successful candidates will be working online with occasional days working in our head office in LA or coworking in NYC if applicable.

However, applicants must be able to work legally in the USA.
I am a published "free-thought" writer with an amazing ability to create powerful audio content. The link above is my visual blog which has an audio version of each post embedded within the article. I would love to be a part of what you are doing so please do share the quickest way to join in! Reach me at sylviadraper77@gmail.com or call 918.430.5427 as I am super excited to hear from you!
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