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By AngelinaRitchie-Smith
Hello, my husband and I are traveling through Central and South America long-term and feel that a virtual assistant job could be good for me. I've found lots of positions available however they request that I live and be based permanently in one location. This is a problem as we are always on the go. Do you know of any virtual assistant job platforms where this can be avoided? Thank you, Angelina :D
Hello! Remote job search is a difficult process. Browsing through websites always takes some valuable time. Recently I wanted to ease it up a bit. If you use Pushbullet and want to receive new remote programming job offers straight to your phone via push notifications, just subscribe to my Pushbullet Notification Channel. It is completely free and if you're curious how it works, you can browse through my Open Source Github Repo. If you have some feature request just create issues on Github. If you feel like adjusting it to your own needs just fork the repo and do whatever you want. Hope you find your dream remote job!

P.S. If anyone has come across some cool Full Stack JavaScript remote offers, please pm me. I'm still looking :)
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By Pabb
I think, We can safely add useme.eu website to the list. Since they offer You invoices for getting job done. It's mostly for freelancers and single projects, but there is 2 sides of coin. You can always build Your portfolio quickly and sometimes find
a contractor who offers you plenty of projects one after the other
I'd like to add to the list, FlexJobs.com as a viable and legit place to find remote work. It's a paid service, and I was a member for 1 month. While I didn't obtain work from the site, I spent a day creating a profile and taking skill tests. I spent the second day actively looking for jobs on the site and I was able to make 3 interviews in that short time.

I didn't follow through with the interviews because my main employer assigned me several large projects and I didn't have the time to worry about extra work.

If I could give anyone a tip for FlexJobs, it's to NOT take the skills tests because no matter how good you are, the tests are not very accurate for evaluating skills and they have ridiculous questions. You are better off presenting your skillset via your profile and uploaded resume. The site features national and global job opportunities and it lists the jobs which can be worked remotely vs. which require an ocassional presence.

I think I paid $10 for that first month during a promotional offer.
I have started a travel blogging work group and I am trying to find them work installing simple default Wordpress web sites. I have tried a few of the freelancer sites. But not having any specialised skills to offer, I spend a lot of time waiting for the odd brief and bidding against the lowest of the lowest rates.

Needless to say we are not making much headway.

Are there any freelancer sites where one can post a Wordpress specific profile and then watch the clients bidding against each other to secure your interest?
There isn't one. I have looked and I have tried. It is a waste of time.

The focus on the internet is about traffic, numbers, a broad brush approach where the available solutions are for everything, for everyone. To a point it works. But only if you are prepared to waste an inordinate amount of time looking for something you don't really want.

It also works for the sites, we all use to give us the solutions that don't quite fit the brief.

Is there an alternative?

Becoming a Digital Nomad is billed as an alternative lifestyle. But is it practical? Once again the answer for most of us is no. That is unless there is a radical shift in the way we do things, the way we think. The internet is merely a communication tool. So why is it necessary to run with that one solution fits all model?

Why can we not start with me instead?

There is stuff I know. Stuff I am interested in. And if I can make myself useful why can I not add value to what I am doing? As simple as it may be, the principle is quite straight forward. What we need to do is to shift the vision from the top down, to turn it on its head. All value on the net is the sum of the smaller parts. And if we were able to find an excuse to reorder the collective, in such a way as to retain the identity of each of those smaller parts, to focus on the value of the individual, the service offered, we could radically shift the way people use and view the internet as a business tool.
But what about the rest of us? Those who have no skills. Merely interests. Can one make a living out of it?

Theoretically yes.

If you think about it, that is what we all get paid to do anyway. What we have to do is reorganise a few of the pieces to the puzzle. The point at which the web gives us the tools we need. Anyone can set up a web site, anyone can theoretically get seen. So it is possible.

But in practice that useful stuff gets drowned out by the noise.

The challenge is to find a way to filter out everything else and to connect the dots. To change what is accepted as being normal and to offer an alternative that works.
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