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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a list of some of the top websites you can use to find a remote or mobile job so that you can be a digital nomad! :)

remote ok - https://remoteok.io/
Working Nomads - http://www.workingnomads.co/jobs
We Work Remotely - https://weworkremotely.com/
Angel Remote Jobs - https://angel.co/job-collections/remote
Work Away - https://www.workaway.info/ - No money, but accommodations, food and amazing experiences

Bonus: 25 best sites for finding remote work - https://skillcrush.com/2014/10/10/sites ... mote-work/ - a more extensive list of sites that can help.

Any questions about finding remote work? Ask away!
I am looking for Job Opportunity WFH ( bangalore India) in the areas of
Process Improvement
Project Managgement
Customer support ( Back end)
Marketing/Business development
Manual testing
Please help me
Hey guys and girls,

I am studying a bachelor in Marketing, in my final year and alongside I am self studying HTML, CSS, JS, Adobe Illustrator for like a year now . I enjoy very much interaction with people and sales. But my favorite thing would be to travel and work as a digital nomad. Can you guys recommend me what to develop into? I never hunted professional job yet( only worked l in restaurants but that doesn't count :) )and I would appreciate some guidance how to start as a digital nomad. Like what are the first things I should do to improve my chances of getting a job from the websites you've listed ?
Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

All the best,
Hey there Elena. Welcome to the forum!

Some of the first things you focus on in my opinion is getting hands on experience with what you're learning. Start your own project (maybe a blog or something else), volunteer for a not for profit or do an unpaid internship with a company that has lots to teach. Once you have some real experience, this will help to make your resume much more attractive for entry level positions. What area of the world are you from?
Definitely second Robert's advice about starting something on your own.

Digital Marketing is a great field to get into it and having the skills you listed above are super helpful. I actually wrote a small guide on this forum for someone who was looking into getting into SEO - you might find it helpful too: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=66&p=170
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