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Hello nomads,

A year ago a started a new life, a life as a digital nomad with no permanent stay. A year ago I sold everything back home and since January 2016 I am travelling (and working) through South America. I am a dutch girl, 31 years old and I work as a global freelance online marketeer. My business is doing quite well and I am extremely happy with it.
While I am travelling one of the things that keeps me busy are: ‘exchange projects abroad’ . I help hostels, hotels and other accommodations with online marketing in exchange for a place to sleep and some food in my tummy. Unexpected but very grateful, it’s going well and at this moment I am really busy with different projects.

I The main thing I miss at the moment is a work- and travel partner, a person to brainstorm with, a person with the same lifestyle and who is interesting for my business and in addition is a nice and cool person to work together with. A have a few interesting projects coming up. One part is that I need at least 5 wordpress websites (incl. shops) to launch in the very near future.

I am very curious if there anyone who is experienced in building and designing Wordpress websites, travelling in South-America till February 2016 (or will travel next year april in Central America) who would like to work together with me, travel with me, earn money and succeed those projects!

My website is http://b-analyzed.com/en/ (EN version) or http://b-analyzed.com/nl/ (DUTCH version).
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