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By srineets
Hello everybody,

My name is Rineet and I am from India. I came across this forum during a casual search and the thought of being a digital nomad sounds very interesting. I read quite a few posts in this forum about professions where it is possible to be a digital nomad. Are there organizations which hire digital nomads to be part of their workforce? I've never come across any thus far. The idea of asking this question to help digital nomads link their passion with possible job opportunities. I look forward to participating a lot more in this forum and I hope to exchange a lot of information on this forum. Thank you, Rineet
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Rineet and welcome! I'll be headed to India in March of 2017 and I can't wait!

Regarding your question, I think most businesses are still hiring traditionally, but there is a large amount (and growing) of businesses hiring "remote workers". Their not really hiring "digital nomads" specifically, but yah, "remote workers". The thing about remote workers is that they have the opportunity to become digital nomads.

To avoid any confusion and to clarify, a remote worker is someone who can work anywhere with a computer and internet. Where as a digital nomad works anywhere with a computer and internet, but also does not have fixed location home and typically travels as they work.

Check out these two topics as well:

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By srineets
Hello Robert,

Thanks for the explanation and the forum links, now it makes sense about it is to be a digital nomad vs remote worker. So, which part of India would you be visiting? :-)
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By Robert O'Kruk
No problem! :)

Glad I could help. I will be headed to Rishikesh for one month to complete a yoga teacher training. Before or after this experience, I plan to travel and explore the rest of India for at least a few weeks as well. I have one Indian friend in Bangalore that I also plan to visit.

Any recommendations? :)
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By srineets
I would be happy to make recommendations based on your preferences.

If you plan to visit Bangalore, it would be a good idea to also visit Chennai and Pondicherry, which would mean a drive on the scenic East Coast Road. :)
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By Ana Merka
There are several such organizations. You just need to be careful while taking a decision to join them as a lot of them are known to be fraud and have cheated people. Read reviews as you will be able to get information on their authenticity from these reviews and will be saved from falling prey to these fraudsters.
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