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Hey all -

I wanted to share my company's info with everyone. We are a 100% virtual digital marketing company. We partner with advertising agencies to provide programmatic media for their clients. We have won several awards for "Best Place to Work" and maintain a strong corporate culture. We currently have positions open in Sales, Tech, Employee Enablement (our term for HR) and Account Strategy. Please check out www.goodwaygroup.com/careers if you're interested in learning more. I'm happy to answer any questions and can refer you if you're a great fit. Please contact me directly for a referral.

Good luck!
Hi Kristy,

I have 5 years total in working in the Tech Industry, with broad experience in SaaS/Marketing Technology. I've mostly been on the sales/account management side of things, and I've always worked in a startup and have always been exposed to executive level strategy.

I'm interested in a account management position for this role. One question I do have though is, what is the base salary for an account management position?

Hi Victor,

I wouldn't be able to speak to salary, I know the hiring manager can work with someone if they are the right fit. I encourage you to apply! If you have strict salary requirements include them in your application.

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