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Hello World.

You need my help. You have been looking for someone like me. I am the Swiss Army knife you need in your life. Let’s work together, it won’t be boring.

What you need: A trusty, loyal employee/collaborator with a skill set so varied and complete, that any task required is executed quickly and flawlessly. I’m the ace up your sleeve.

What I can offer: I’m the problem solver you’ve been looking for. I can be anywhere at any time. You need me in London tomorrow? Done. Free of charge. Why? Because I fly for free. You just sent your champion across the ocean to represent you and it didn’t cost you a thing. Why? Because you only pay me for my time. I’ll handle the transportation costs, you focus on winning.

My CV will tell you that I am a licensed attorney, land developer, writer, producer, but I’m more like a kaleidoscope of fun. I wear many hats. Monotony bores me. Travel inspires me.

Meet me. You won’t be disappointed.

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