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By theresa.grasemann
I love travelling and have been on various extended trips but what I find difficult every single time is that I have to move out of my current appartment because keeping it incurs too many costs whilst travelling. Hence I store everything at my parents’ house and have to start from scratch when I come back and stay at friends’ places for a while until I find something new.
How do you do it or what’s your solution to this topic?
I would like to keep some sort of “home base” to where I can return in between nomad trips.
The solution me and my girlfriend use is this. We have sold all of our possessions, and got rid of our apartments in our home country (Canada). We carry all our possessions in our backpacks, mine is 40L, hers is 35L. A home base in my mind is just a location where you spend an extended period of time, usually on a recurring basis. Rent furnished apartments / homes.

There's no real way for you have a true home base (a property only for you) that you can keep while travelling without incurring costs. Ok I lied, one thing you could do is have an apartment that you rent or own, and rent it out (maybe use Airbnb) as you travel to negate any costs from keeping it. This is a tradeoff of time however.
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