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By NomadicAdmin
Two things bind Digital Nomads together.

1. Working location-independently (using the internet)
2. Not having a home base and traveling around the world while doing said location-independent work.

If travelling has long been a dream of yours, but you don’t yet have a location independent job, here are some starter tips on how to get one. DNF community, chime in with your own tips and stories!

1.Start With What You Know. Think about your current job. Can you work in a coffee shop all day and still do it? Don’t get stuck on the thought of whether your boss will be okay with it. Countless people have talked there way into remote working arrangements, and you can too. Start small and ask for a few days of remote work and demonstrate that you are just as productive (if not more productive) away from the office. Start the conversation from there with real results.

2.If Your Day Job Won’t Do The Trick. Maybe you need to be physically present to do your job, and you want to make a total career switch into. Here are the top jobs for digital nomads (this list is certainly not exclusive).
-Graphic Designer
- Web Designer
- Binary Traders
- Digital Marketing
- Web Developer
- Computer Engineer
- Internet Entrepreneur
- Writer
- Blogger
- Video Editing
- Voice Over Artist
- Online English Teacher

Start by researching people on Google who have done the same thing as you, made career switch into one of these careers. Do they have any info online about how they did it? Awesome! If not, send them an email and ask. Chances are they won’t bite. Most jobs for Digital Nomads don't require a super fancy University degree.

3. Tap Into Your Contacts. Do you already work in one the fields mentioned above, but need to be in a location to do your current job? A good example of this is a Digital Marketing Manager, where a job requirement from your agency is that you need to have in-person client meetings. You may not be able to talk yourself out of that one (but that shouldn’t stop you from trying!) Reach out to some industry contacts and let them know you are on the hunt for remote work. Put the feelers out. You ever know who wants to hire you for a freelance gig.

How did you get your first location independent job? Or are you still on the job hunt?
Here's something that isn't on the list but I've made my first remote working experience with it:

- MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

I don't know whether this is a stable advice, but if you're into learning things and appreciate the fact that teaching others has a great learning effect in itself, then considering to become a part-time teaching assistant or forum mentor for courses that you know stuff about and are interested in might be a way to go : )

There are quite a lot of MOOCs providers out there by now, you can check out [edX](https://www.edx.org/), [Coursera](https://www.coursera.org/) and [Udacity](https://www.udacity.com/), to mention the ones I am most familiar with.
I can't really give you a failsafe way to get into such a position, but I guess working through a course that really interests you and showing your excitement, knowledge, and willingness to help out in the forums is a good way to start. : )

And then there's also the possibility to just *teach a course yourself* - [Udemy](https://teach.udemy.com/?ref=teach_header) offers this possibility and although I have no experience doing this, I imagine that it can be a great way to share some exciting knowledge you may have and earn money from people who appreciate it!
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By mukesh.rana
this is Mukesh Rana and I want to do job independent from home and i am computer engineer , I have hardware knoledge, software installation , network system, webdesigner,
so suggest us how i can earn money from home
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