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By NicolasDevDes
Hi guys,

I’m Nicolas. After 5 years working in the IT industry in Web Development positions I’m starting as Freelancer.

I like travelling and I’ve read a lot of digital nomads. I have several questions about payments, logistics, accommodations, cheap fly tickets, etc… And for this reason I’m here ;)

Happy to read all of you. Thanks and regards!
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By NicolasDevDes
Hi Nicolas,

Welcome to the forum! Are you travelling yet or still planning?

Thanks Robert!

I travelled to Brazil last year. It was amazing!... Now I'm in my basement making money :D ...

I'm a web developer freelancer, so I could work on the road, but I have some questions about travelling for long time. I'll open new posts for those questions. Let me know if you recommend some information from begginers ;)
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By Robert O'Kruk
Depending on what you want to learn I can definitely recommend some stuff. But yes, the best way it to create a new topic for each of your questions :) That way you'll get detailed replies from everyone.

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