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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey guys! Here's how the Digital Nomads Forum works! :)

It's like any internet forum you've used. Create an account, post your topic in the most relevant forum, other people can see your topic and reply with a post. Whenever someone replies to your topic, you get an email notification.

You can also subscribe to individual forums within the whole site which allows you to get an email notification whenever anyone posts a new topic within whichever forum you subscribe to. To do so, just be logged into your account, click the forum you're interested in subscribing to, and near the top right of the page click the eye icon that says "Subscribe forum". You can subscribe to as many forums as you like, and unsubscribe anytime.

For detailed instructions on how to use every feature of this forum please visit: http://digitalnomadsforum.com/faq.php

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If you want to create a free forum account please visit: http://digitalnomadsforum.com/ucp.php?mode=register&agreed=true

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