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hello, I am an electrical engineer working with the Government of India. I am so much bored of my job .It got even worse when I finished my trip from Thailand.I wanted to continue but had to end it because of my job.Can anyone please telll me what skills should I learn so that I can travel and earn money at the same time.I am not a software engineer , will it be difficult for me.Thank you

The main thing you have to learn how to do is to work online. This can be anything from marketing, design, virtual assistant, websites, video editing etc - basically, anything that will allow you to work and earn money from your laptop.

When you can do that you can then work and travel at the same time because all you'll need is your laptop to make money.

I recommend reading a great book called The Suitcase Entrepreneur which details everything about how to become a digital nomad. I recently did a book review on it on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3frH-4n0bg&t=2s

Hope that helps and good luck!
Hi Ankit,

If you'd like to learn how to be a software engineer, and you'd like to go back to Thailand for 2 months, you should check out CodingNomads (http://codingnomads.co).

We teach aspiring software engineers everything from core software engineering to database management to infrastructure (AWS). We also cover Git/Github, CLI, Jira and more.

If you're interested to learn more just let me know!

All the best,
Cofounder, CodingNomads


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