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By xtjnrchris
Flight hacking has been one of my biggest obsession in recent months, all in a bid to try to find the cheapest way to travel from point A to B.

Here are some tips based on what I've found:

- best deals in first/ business class are usually done via miles, if you don't have enough you could buy miles from airline or dozen of partner airlines.
- how well in advance do you book (best is 2-6 months in advance)
- which dates/season do you pick (avoid school holidays in both countries in possible)
- what is your flexibility on dates and airports
- are you ok with extra stops or even overnight stopovers?
- there are also flight hacking experts such as Flystein who can help to save time and money.
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By Kamal Kataria
Hi, I have recently come across www.uddjaa.com for travel deals.. I booked a flight and hotel room both at a very competitive price. Its user friendly and easy to use as it not complicated.
I suggest to try it to compare prices before you make a flight or hotel booking.

Thanks :-)

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