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By JessyBell22
Hi Sean :) I think they totally work! The key is to offer value specifically to your audience that they actually care about. So if they arrive to your mindful steward website, have a popup explaining why they should subscribe to your email list. DON'T use something like "get updates and deals". Here's a link to some great examples of what you should do: http://blog.justuno.com/10-inspiring-ex ... -they-work

Think about if you were your audience, what's something you could give them that they would feel is worth sharing their email with you! :D
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By coffeeandlappy
Yes, lead magnets are effective if it is well-thought of and something that people or your web visitors may find useful. Training, discounts among others can be used in exchange for their email address. You've got a helpful and inspiring site, what about providing people with infographics that show travel tips and insights? People love inspiring quotes. :) Best of luck!
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