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While we all are under the perception that, travel trips are only good when they are taken with a group, this does not work every single time. There may be a lot of pros about travelling in a group, but there are equally many cons for the same. There have been a number of studies in the recent times, which prove that solo travelling is one of the best ways to travel.

When you travel on your own, you get double times the exposure, get to the see things from an entirely new and original perspective and basically learn more about yourself.

This type of travelling is one of the most therapeutic ways to travel and be one with the nature. Solo travelling does not necessarily mean scaling enormous mountains on your own. You can definitely start off with the smallest of trips as well.

Here’s a video, which will greatly help you in taking those baby steps. Check out the various reason why it is absolutely necessary for you to take a solo trip.


Definitely enjoyed the video! Thanks for sharing.

I love solo travelling, but also enjoy travelling with my girlfriend. We've figured out a way to get a bit of the best of both worlds. For the most part we travel together. But we take occasional breaks from each other and go on our own solo adventures. Just like the video says, alone time is healthy! The lovely side effect is that time apart really helps you to appreciate the other person as well.

What's your favourite aspect of solo travel ChillFeelTraveler & John N?
Good morning (it is where I am at least),

I agree that travelling solo can be a great and enriching way in which to move around. All the benefits as noted by you and shown in the video are undoubtably true: it gives you exposure, a unique perspective and can be therapeutic indeed. However, having travelled long term with a partner and a friend, it is my opinion that all of these benefits also ring true when travelling with other humans.

To quote our man from Into the Wild - "Happiness is only real when shared". This of course can be gained whilst travelling solo; through the people that we meet on the road, locals and fellow vagabonds. But equally it can be achieved with whom we choose to travel with.

So in my mind I believe that we (you!) are ultimately in charge of our own journey, we write our own story and all the people that we meet or spend time with along the way contribute to our own narrative.

Surely there can be no definitive studies to prove in which way or another is best to travel. Such is the beauty of subjective, free and nomadic travel!

As we've been offered this special opportunity that generations before us and many people in the world do not and perhaps never will have, let's make the most of being a digital nomad. Whether that be solo or with a +1 (or may even 2!) .
theguitarist, love your perspective! I just watched into the wild and that quote is definitely food for thought. Totally agree there is no one way that is better definitely. Let's make the most of it for sure!
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By laurie_awe
Currently contemplating this subject. I know I want to travel. I have a male friend who also is thinking of traveling. Do I want to combine our travels or go on my own? Will take some soul searching to discover the true purpose and mission of my traveling.
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By chuckiemn
Maybe it sounds crazy but I think you can travel with a friend and still call it solo travel in the sense that you are not with a group and following some jerk around with a yellow umbrella and visiting 6 major European cities in a week.

Solo travel with a friend can be simply that... solo travel together. You're not in a group, you're not following some preordained schedule, and you make your own decisions about where to go, how long to stay, and what to do.

I always found it more enjoyable to share a travel experience with someone instead of experiencing it alone. Nice to have someone to talk to ... it enhances the experience . At least for me.
I've travelled solo, in a couple, with a best friend and in small group of friends. All of the experiences I've had are different.

Traveling solo I find it's easier to make new friends and you socialise more as I think you're more approachable and your open to travel with other people. You learn about yourself and gain a lot of independence. However some moments it can get lonely.

In a couple you get to share and create lovely memories wherever you are on the road. Traveling will be a test on your relationship especially when you're tired and Hangry! However you are so comfortable with each other, making new friends isn't a priority.

Traveling with your best friend is fun, make new friends and do some cool stuff together. Being in each other pockets for a long period of time, can test your friendship as you take out your frustrations on the closest to you.

Traveling with a small group is a constant party! There are moments when you all take turns on who wants to go out more than the others. This is a great way to travel however it can get tedious at times when you want to do different things or just want to do your own thing.

In my experience there is no best or worst way to travel. It depends on the people, place and experience you want to have. If you can, arrange your trip traveling with friends, significant others, family on different parts of your trip including going solo for a duration, whatever works.

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