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By ReinBaarsma
Hi all,

Are you working as a freelancer? Did you achieve a lifestyle of working 2 days or even less? Would you like to share your story? Have it featured in a book to help others achieve the same? Great! Read on.

I'm a traveling digital nomad working 2 days as a freelancer to finance my trips around the world. I'm writing a book about this lifestyle and would like to include your story :) If you have a similar lifestyle and can recommend it to others, please contact me! Thanks!

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By Robert O'Kruk
On average I spend about 5-10 hours of paid work per week at the moment. I usually spread it out over more than 2 days though, but 5-10 hours a week is a lot less than 2 full time 8 hour days.

Those hours are paid well but I also spend quite a bit more time working on my own personal projects.
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By ReinBaarsma
hostnomad wrote:Actually just working TWO days?

Yeah I've been freelancing 2 days/week for years and now I'm using much of the remaining time to write this book so you and others can benefit from my story and also from the experience of others who have similar lifestyles, like Robert here :)

If you're interested, you can subscribe to the mailing list at 2dayfreelancer.com
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By martin-martin
Hei @ReinBaarsama.
I'm not quite sure I qualify for the 2hrs - I'm not actually counting the time I work so diligently because it kind of merges with what I do otherwise... : )

Anyways, if you feel like having a chat, I'd be up for it.
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