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By NomadicAdmin
Being a Digital Nomad, you’ll be met with a lot of reactions that go something like this: “holy shit you’re living the dream”. Step 1, practice humility. Step 2… hmm I guess it is pretty cool. A Digital Nomad is such a new concept and event 5 years ago the industry was almost exclusively saturated with “make $10,000 a month in under and hour a week” information, always from companies that wanted to sell something.

When people find out you work online and make money for real, they can get pretty excited. You should also be excited if you have this lifestyle or if you’re moving towards it. Here are a few reasons why:

1. You Get To Travel

Travel is the ultimate luxury. Seeing the most beautiful sights in the world (and also being exposed to some of the most heartbreaking) changes you in profound ways. Traveling indefinitely gives you the ultimate freedom to travel slow and really absorb the culture that you’re in to fully experience life in that country. It also allows you to cross off dozens of countries from your bucket list!

2. Meet Your Next Co-Founder

Unless you live in a tech and start-up hub like San Francisco, it can be a challenge to meet like-minded people who are working on really cool projects. Even if you’ve found a great place to work and be inspired in your home city, you can be assured that across the world is an amazing co-working space with people who are working thousands of other really cool projects that may just inspire you to change your industry, or even the world! You might even meet the perfect business partner or investor to get your foot in the door.

3. Home Is Where The Heart Is

As a Digital Nomad you’ll learn to take this concept to heart. You don’t really have a home, well you don’t have a single home. Your home is everywhere you go. Where there’s home, there’s also family. On the road you’ll have a little family wherever you go and make amazing friendships that can last a lifetime. Since your travel isn’t bound by time, knowing that you’re not going back to your OG country friends and family puts you in a position to seek out and experience these connections even more strongly.

What's the biggest benefit that you’ve found to being a Digital Nomad?
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By laurie_awe
My favorite part of being a nomad is to be able to follow wherever I am led. I am not stuck with having to do the same thing over and over again. If I am led to take a path down a road it will surely lead to some new experience that I can learn from. I love the feeling of knowing that I can choose to do whatever I want to, wherever I choose.

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