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Hi all;

I'm just starting out as a digital nomad and am based in Siem Reap, Cambodia for the next year.

I was just wondering if anyone else has used SR as a base and if so can you recommend somewhere with great wifi. It needs to be good quality, fast and reliable enough for to use for a video conference call. Ideally I'll need somewhere where I can make a private call - i.e. a booth or separate room, or the very least somewhere that's not too small.

So I'm really looking for a co-working space or a cafe. Also what speed/ bandwidth is recommended for a good quality video conference call?

Any suggestions please?

Hey Tanya, are you still in Siem Reap? Maybe you could check out this place: https://app.daysk.com/list/TsRFSedcJvkn ... king-space
Haven't been personally, didn't know about it when I was there but from the picture it looks cool.

I worked a few times from a place called New Leaf Eatery, great burgers and beers. But it can get busy and the wifi wasn't the best.
I didn't stay for too long in Siem Reap but hoping to do so next time! Have spent two weeks there but was able to work remotely for about 4 days in a week. I've done some light researching and website tasks and the Internet was pretty okay. I do think that the internet speed there may become too slow for heavy usage, Skype video calls, but I might be wrong too. But there are existing coworking spaces there such as the Angkor Hub so I assume their Internet is quick and very reliable.
1961 is a coworking space/art gallery that's outside the crazy that is pub street. You'll find 'soul' there for sure. The wifi is good and they have a backup generator in case of power outage which is definitely a thing in Cambodia. There are numerous little cafes in the city too, but their wifi tends to be pretty spotty.
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