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Hey guys, I found this epicly detailed guide on how to optimize your Upwork profile internal SEO (your likelihood of showing up in searches for freelancers on Upwork).

I made a few tweaks to my account thanks to this! :) https://www.thefreelanceeffect.com/upwork-seo/

Here's a screenshot of the factors is goes over in depth:

upworkprofileseofactors.jpg (62.93 KiB) Viewed 163 times
Hm, interesting! So you're using Upwork for gigs? Do you maybe have some tips for "the other side"?

I'm on the task to learn how to hire good people, and Upwork was one of the platforms we used. But there's a lot of fluff around. I know there's for sure not a clear algorithm to decide who's useful and who isn't, and I understand that it's more of assessing personal requirements and profiles on a case-by-case basis.

I was just wondering that - considering you've been using the platform - whether there were some interesting things you discovered that a potential employer can look out for (both positively as well as negatively).
Good and popular question. I've hired a few people through Upwork with success. Here are some points to make your life a lot easier when hiring:

- Make your job description as detailed as possible
- Ask applicants to answer one or more qualifying questions
- Ignore super general applications that don't speak to why they can do a great job helping with what you specifically need
- Review applicants profile, typically easy to see their level of quality, reviews etc.

Once you've selected someone these few points will avoid most conflict:

- Clearly define the exact scope of what is needed on your end and how much it will cost to get it done
- Set a deadline for completions of milestones or the entire project

I think with a fair bit of due diligence Upwork is an excellent platform for finding people to get the job done right in many niches!

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