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How do you get into and stay in foreign countries? VISA on arrival, e-VISA, or an embassy visit? We'll help you get the info you need to arrive at your destination.
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By matt.breckons
Hi, Me and my fiance are getting married in a few weeks time and planning a (fairly last minute) trip to Canada and the USA. I'm just in the process of filling in Electronic Travel Authorisation forms and don't know what to put for marital status, I'm legally single at the moment but will be married at the time of the trip.

Has anyone done this before?
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By Robert O'Kruk
I saw after looking into this that someone else found the answer for you on another forum. I will share the answer here for others!

When you apply / submit the forms mark down your marital status at that time, so if single when applying but getting married soon, still mark that you are single.

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