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By sphythian

What are members thoughts on having young kids around - not exactly conducive to other DN's working, but as we're embarking on a life of travel, it would be good to meet up occasionally with other fellow travellers without them being put off by the thought of 1 rug rat (1 year) & a toddler (almost 3 yrs) as baggage. Suggestions welcome on rentals in major Asian cities (Chiang Mai, BKK, Phnom Penh, Phuket, Hanoi, Saigon, Yogyakarta etc.) or resources aimed at same.

My take is I learn more from my kids than most: When to chillax, not to be so 'zoned' & live a little - after all isn't that why we chose a life of travel & work stress independence.

Happy to answer any questions. Currently in Abu Dhabi, UAE, moving to Berlin for 2-3 months in December, then onto Asia (not sure where yet, but Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos etc. all on the to-do list) from Feb 17.

Anyone fellow travellers with kids more than welcome to meet up / exchange ideas - the big disadvantage is that we can't just carry back-packs! (but that's really it) & we aim to travel slowly.

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