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By Jack1988
Hi everyone,

We are a british/german digital agency with a proven concept, proven client acquisition strategy and most important, a great record of success with all our clients so far.
We are no longer capable of doing it all ourselves and are therefore looking for motivated people to join the team.

Since all your work and communication will be digital, you can be anywhere in the world.

Our business policies:

- no locked in contracts for our clients
- results or we work for free (again, perfect record so far)

We are looking for somebody who:

- is either English or German native speaker (or has very good command of the English language)
- has experience with sales & digital marketing
- is motivated and wanting to work in a team

We will provide:

- full support and training to help you get started and access to our proven marketing strategy and templates
- ONGOING commission for every closed sale, plus additional ONGOING commission if you manage the account
- percentage commission based on value of sale

If the above sounds interesting to you or you could think of somebody, please get in touch with me.


Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you..
Im glad I now registered

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