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By wzfoto
What is your strategy on reporting tax? A lot of nomads live away from their home country for extended period of time. Do you report tax to home country or the country you were living in when the income is earned?
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By Jamal Renton

I think the vast majority of us report our taxable income in our home country, not the country we were in when the income was earned. Unless you're working for a local company in a different country, it just does not make sense to report your income in their country.

I'm from Canada and get taxed a minimum of about 20.5% of every dollar I earn! It's kinda crazy haha! I've looked into tax avoidance solutions and found some, but they involve closing my bank accounts and credit cards that I have in Canada, which is a lot of work and currently I just don't want to go through the hassle. However! The longer I see myself paying huge amounts to the government (while not using their resources), the more likely I will be to implement a tax avoidance solution.

What do you do?
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